Conditions And Illness That Could Cause A Toothache

Teeth are one of the most important parts of our body that have many functions to support our life. That is why we need to maintain our teeth and oral health to avoid any illness that many occur. When you feel a toothache, it is always the best option to get it checked by Dentist in Ajax, at North Harwood Family Dentistry so we will get the best treatment. The dentist might know the exact cause of a toothache that we experience, but we also need to know what could possibly be the cause, they are:

1. Conditions called bruxism. This condition occurs when you ground your teeth, or to shift it back and forth to each other, but it is done unconsciously. It is able to trigger a toothache because the tooth got excess pressure. Not only the teeth that will be in pain but also the joints and muscles.

2. The composition of irregular teeth. Teeth that do not fit or dissymmetrical is able to make your teeth feel pain too. This is because when you use their teeth to chew, the pressures are not balanced. So it will easily cause inflammation in the tooth.

3. Disease: trigeminal neuralgia. Trigeminal neuralgia is often known as the suicide disease. The circumstances make you really sick, even feels like to die. This is because the disease is derived from nerves in the brain that connects the three places. Ie in the upper jaw, lower jaw, and eye. Even those who have healthy teeth condition wants to pull a tooth which he became the source of a toothache.

4. Braces. The function you use braces is to align the look of teeth. Because at the beginning of your teeth is not symmetrical, so the process of this adjustment can cause pain. Besides, using braces can trigger the bacteria to grow for under the circumstances braces or metal part is very difficult to reach for cleaning. Consequently grows tartar that can damage your teeth.

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