How to Build Backlinks

Simply, backlinks are a kind of links from a web page to other websites. This kind of strategies is commonly used in seo services singapore. In other words, a website provides recommendations to the corresponding users to visit other websites. The purpose of building backlinks is to increase the popularity of a web page on the internet, so that the website is likely to get a better position SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Google.

There are many websites that can be utilized to build backlinks. There are several types of backlinks which are very effective for SEO campaign website and some of them are as follows:

A. Links from social media

Social media platforms which are usually used for building backlinks is Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Links from social media usually has no followers, but it still will increase the popularity of a web page.

B. Links of authority website

Links are a little difficult to obtain because usually, the owner of the website will be a very critical authority in selecting articles made guest writers and outgoing links from the website. To get backlinks from well-known sites, you have to submit articles that are really nice and also according to the niche website. Your efforts will pay off if it managed to get a few links from the website best known for its effects on your website will be very good. Moreover, it is advised that you should never send spam article.

C. High-quality blog network

Blog network has certainly become one of the ‘secret’ of the instigators of SEO, especially the internet marketer. Usually a blog network was deliberately built to provide links to the main website. This network of blogs using the old domain and own authority so that all content will be posted on the network blog will be easily indexed by search engines, which in turn will give a very good impact for the main website. The tip is that you need to make sure the content in the blog network is relevant to the niche you wake up your main website.

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