What to prepare well before your English test

It is true when you say that many people think about living or working in the UK. However, you may not ignore english test for citizenship no matter you have good English skill or not. By following the tips how to prepare your B1 English test, you can ensure that the result will be as good as expected. You may practice speaking English every day, but it is not enough. Why?

Grammar should not get ignored. No matter how often you hear American people speak without focusing on the grammar, you shouldn’t do the same for British English, even more, if you are going to take a formal test like B1 English test. While waiting for your examination time, learn more about English language and the grammar use even when you are speaking. Sadly, many people think that the grammar must not become the concern when speaking. Once more, your test is formal, so there is no compromise to learn about grammar.

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