Effects of Not Keeping Brain Cognitive Function

Cognitive function is an important factor in determining the quality of a person’s life. In fact, cognitive ability, or the ability to think is optimal not only needed by people who are younger but all ages. Even the elderly, the ability to think will determine the level of dependence on the help of others. Get memory enhancer supplement by visiting our website.

The brain is an important organ of our body for various body functions controlled by the brain. Cognitive function is highly dependent on the health of the brain characterised by the brain’s ability to process a variety of stimuli from the surrounding environment, among them to learn new things, follow your intuition, assessment, language skills, and the ability to remember. The ability of the brain can decrease if rarely receives and processes the stimulus, or in other words if we rarely use our brains to think. Brain function will decline if the rare stimulus process, especially if it is not used optimally think because it can cause a decline in function over age.

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