Read this tips in less than 5 minutes to improve your writing skill

Reading an entire article requires 1 to 5 minutes, and even more. Then why other people are willing to waste their time to read your essay? It’s because they want the benefits. They are reading to get information, a solution for a problem, entertainment, knowledge, or other benefits. That’s why they’re willing to waste their time. Remember to use the article rewriter tool to edit your article!

So.. the title that you made is better be explain the benefits that they could get directly. This way, they will be interested to read your article. For the example there is 2 article with the very similar title :

1. Tips for a good presentation

2. Tips to unnerving the audience

In the first sentence, “the good one” is abstract, unclear about what they will get. While the second sentence has the clear benefits. The people who wan to learn about the presentation tips must be want to make the audience to be unnerved and we offered them the benefits through the tittle.

Then the title number 2 is more interesting to them. Not only that, from this principle you can also make the better contents for your articles.

Here are other 2 samples of titles :

1. 5 Creative ways to cook a noodle

2. 10 Creative ways to cook a noodle

People want to get the maximum benefits in the shortest time possible. If there is an article that could give twice of the benefits than other articles, we would choose that article. Once we read it, we obtained more information.

Avoid the mistake that’s often to happen while giving a title to an article. Just like not differentiate the “topic” and the “title”. It looks trivial. Yes, the topic is different with the title, even an elementary school kid would understand. However, the practice is not like that. This mistake is often done by the writers, the topic is made as the title of the article.

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