There are many reasons why people choose to buy a condo on a single family residence.

Many parc riviera west coast condos cost less than residential homes; This allows many first time home buyers the opportunity to own property, obtain equity and is still able to live their lives outside the mortgage payments. Treatment: the Most parc riviera west coast condominium complex is managed by the Association of the homeowner or a professional company sub-contracted. Grass and shrubs planted not managed by the homeowner; dues are collected and placed into a reserve account to cover the cost of any large as roof replacement or asphalt paving. The parc riviera west coast owners do not have to worry about exterior maintenance, unlike single-family homes. This saves time in today’s busy lifestyles.

Facilities: Some complex parc riviera west coast offers facilities such as swimming pools, sports centers, community buildings and more. The environmental community: Some people enjoy living in an environment able to socialize with their neighbors. Location: Most parc riviera west coast complex is located in a city or town; This allows the owner the opportunity to access all city facilities stay right on their doorsteps. Rules and regulations: some rules are established to maintain order in the complex. For example a rule can be placed that do not allow large RV or boat to be parked in the building; pet restrictions can set the size or type of animal are allowed on the property, so if you are someone who does not like to be around barking dog, a condo with pet restrictions might be right up your alley.

Although there are many advantages, there are also some disadvantages that the buyer may have to consider before buying a parc riviera west coast condo. Rules and regulations: Although the owner has the right to vote on the rules governing the complex, the majority usually wins so you may end up unhappy with the standard rules such as a pet or if you can run a home based business from your unit. Neighbor options: though you rarely get to choose your parc riviera west coast neighbors when you buy, a condo troops close to your neighbors. Most of the time the only thing that separates you from your neighbors is a shared wall.

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