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    The look my science teacher gave me was priceless. He looked down at me with his hands on his hips and slowly shook his headRead More

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  • What? Canopy Cleaning? Hmm!

    I have to say that the job interview was probably one of the strangest ones I have ever attended. It’s not as if I’ve beenRead More

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I speak my truth no matter where I go, and I encourage all to do the same. Love, Live, the Truth. Peace.

My Science Project


The look my science teacher gave me was priceless. He looked down at me with his hands on his hips and slowly shook his head from one side to the other while telling me he didn’t think my idea from a science fair project was going to fly. I wasn’t going to hear any of it as I knew my theory was solid and my facts backed up each and every claim I made. I think he didn’t like it because I’m a girl and he probably thinks Grade 10 girls are more interested in the science behind a hairdryer or makeup brush.

I stood my ground and completed my three panel project on kitchen canopy cleaning and handed it in a day before the assignment was actually due. He looked at me from his desk, peering over the top frame of his glasses and I saw a small smile form on his lips and he winked at me. He said he knew I was too stubborn to change my mind and that there is a lot of science to share on the subject I chose. That was just what I needed to hear.

The following week when all the submissions were put on display in the library for the whole school to see, judges made the rounds and chose the top three projects as well as one they thought was the most innovative. My kitchen canopy cleaning science project won both first place and the most innovative. Because of those my project qualified to go to a regional science fair competition where it was up against other projects from older students including some college aged ones. Once again it won a prize – third place. When my science teacher heard the news he was about as excited as I was and to think my idea almost didn’t see the light of day had I listened to him in the beginning and did a different project instead.

What? Canopy Cleaning? Hmm!

kitchen cleaning

I have to say that the job interview was probably one of the strangest ones I have ever attended. It’s not as if I’ve been to many either but this one really set the bar for me. I saw the advertisement in the paper looking for a babysitter. It seemed simple enough. I made a phone call and got scheduled for an interview the next afternoon.

I was at the right place probably five minutes sooner than they expected me, but they invited me into their home anyway. We went through introductions and a bit about ourselves. I learned that they had a five year old daughter and that since both of them had good careers they were in need of a steady babysitter who could sit with Angie three to four weeknights after they got home from work. Apparently they have a live-in nanny who watches her all day but when they come home the nanny goes out.

That should have been my first clue but it didn’t sound too unusual. When the discussion shifted to skills I was taken aback when I was asked if I knew self defense and how to restrain someone. I’m only 16-years old and I’m not sure those are skills I need quite yet unless this is a dangerous neighbourhood. They explained that Angie gets a bit hyper and I may need to restrain her to calm her down.

Then the oddest question I have ever been asked. They wanted to know how good I was at canopy cleaning. Apparently when Angie gets hyper she throws things around and typically heads to the kitchen and makes a huge mess by flicking on the vent over the oven and flinging flour, sugar and any other dry good at the vent to see it get blown all over the kitchen. I excused myself and ran home as fast as I could.

“He talks a lot about space bugs, and talks to the wall a lot” – Here We Go Again!


The message on the answering machine was not only straightforward, it bordered on desperation. Alexander’s Grade 3 teacher called me into the school after work again. It’s not as if he’s not keeping up with the rest of the class. In fact, Alexander is very likely at the top of his class and causes Miss Ling problems because he’s bored. “I don’t think he feeling challenged enough in your class,” I said in Miss Ling’s classroom the last time she called me into the building. I do recall it was at about that time she had some sort of meltdown and said Alexander was delusional.

This afternoon’s meeting started well. We both greeted each other and shook hands. I always see that as a good sign. At least she didn’t throw daggers at me with her eyes like the three or four other times we met last month. “I believe that Alexander is suffering from some form of attention disorder,” Miss Ling started. “How did you come up with that theory?” I asked.

Miss Ling proceeded to describe conversations she has had with Alexander and some of the ones she has heard him have with other classmates. “He talks a lot about space bugs and outer space and dragons and talks to the wall a lot when describing these situations that I suspect he is making up to avoid the regular class lesson.” I thought I was smiling but from the look Miss Ling was giving me I probably had more of a smirk on my face.

“Ah, yes, the space bugs,” I started. “Has he ever mentioned how much he wished he could be transformed into a box of childrens wall stickers?” Miss Ling looked shocked. “Then you know…” I had to explain to her that there is nothing wrong with Alexander other than the fact that his imagination is getting a regular workout at home.

Greasy Messy Mechanics


Fill the tank with gas, turn the key and it should go. That’s all I ever knew about how to make a vehicle move. I had no interest whatsoever in the overall theory of locomotion and why the car stops on the side of the road because I forgot to make sure there was enough engine coolant in it. Those were things I used to rely on my dad for.

I remember when he got me my first car for my Sweet 16th. It was a banged up old wreck he had in the shop that he was secretly working on throughout my 14th and 15th years so he could give it to me as my first vehicle. I still remember his face when he handed me the keys and said, “Okay, sweetie. Start it up!” I ran to the car and did as I was told as I was most definitely Daddy’s Little Girl.

He promised me I’d never have to worry about anything as he was going to take care of all the messy, greasy jobs as long as I kept putting gas in it he’d do all the rest. I think that’s one of the reasons why I was so happy that my father was a Gold Coast Mechanic. He took care of all his customers just like he took care of me and we all knew he was the best.

He’s been gone for a few years now and I still miss not having him around even though I have managed to keep my cars in good working order. I followed in his footsteps and became a mechanic as well!

You Are Here – And For That I Thank You.

I really like blogging, but like most anything you can’t just stop doing it without some sort of repercussion. So, when I can I try to ‘pre-write’ a few blog articles so when my life gets crazy busy I still have some material I can post to keep all of you up to date on what I’ve been doing. It’s my form of ‘blogger insurance’ and sometimes it comes in handy.

The problem with getting busy and using up all my ‘blog insurance’ articles is that I end up in this place. I need to write something but I barely have enough time to come up with a target for the subject let alone have enough time to tap the article out and get it posted to the blog site before I am once again behind. Where does the time go?

So, instead of trying to fake my way through one of those non-articles because I need to use some filler I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your repeat visits to my blog. Sure, I may not really know who you are but my analytic tools tell me you come by all the time to check on me and I am thankful, grateful and reminded by your stats that I am doing all of this for more than just myself and my family.

I apologize for falling behind on my blog postings, but it gives me a chance to give you the credit you deserve for being the reason why I keep doing this. Thank you for coming back and I promise to get my act together and have something new for you by the time you decide to visit here again. Have a great day as I know I will because your visit has made it a little better than it was.

Google Apps resellers program

Everyone has heard of Google Apps, in fact if you have an android phone chances are you use them everyday. The Marketplace is a great place to purchase apps but you can also take part in as a Google apps reseller. The reseller program is aimed at connecting clients and sellers, where the clients might not have time or need help using Google’s cloud service. As a Google apps reseller you’re responsible for helping them transition to using Google’s services and setting the applications up for your clients. There are some great advantages to being a reseller using Google’s own program and this can be done as an easy addition to any technology business since it’s all done over the internet. \

As a Google apps reseller you are responsible for your own billing and are only billed once a month by Google for the licensing uses of your customers. You’re also in charge of the entire SMB relationship so as a Google apps reseller you’re responsible for the pricing, support and all communications which gives you total control over any packages you might want to create for your clients. This means that once you set the apps up you can have an easy recurring monthly income from those clients using the service that will only continue to grow over time.

Google also helps by providing integrated software solutions in the Apps Marketplace to support your delivery of end to end client solutions. As a Google apps reseller you get a discount on the list price which helps to increase your profits and allows you to provide better value to your clients. Using their existing infrastructure also allows the Google apps reseller to focus on their services and optimize the time spent on selling and maintenance rather than creating content since Google is constantly providing that for you in the Marketplace.

My Marine Training

Marine Career

My father used to tell me that the life of a mariner was easy in his day. All he had to do was hang around the marina until someone needed a hand and once aboard he was part of the crew. “They trained you on the job” he used to say but things have changed a lot since his days onboard a ship.

I remember the first time I hinted at going to a Marine College to get my certification. He couldn’t believe I was going to spend time in a classroom learning what he thought I’d be able to pick up on my own working with a skipper and a crew. I tried to tell him that things had changed in the industry since his days out on the open seas.

“How are you going to keep your job on your vessel when you’re off to school?” he asked and at first I wasn’t really sure how I was going to juggle both. That pretty much had me worried until I found out more about the Marine College I wanted to attend.

ECA Maritime College tailored the course schedule to fit around my work allowing me to keep my day job while I worked on upgrading my skills and training. It sounded like a heavy workload at first but I found out they were extremely flexible and made sure I didn’t miss any time onboard while studying at home and in the classroom. That took off a lot of pressure and allowed me to relax about how much extra time it was going to take to keep working, upgrade my skills and maintain a household as well as find time for my family.

ECA Maritime College found just the right fit for me and they will be able to do the same for you. Their interview process determined exactly how my training program was going to be designed to allow me to keep living and working without interruption.

Maybe if there was such a marine college when my dad started hanging around the docks, he could have become a much better sailor!