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    My father used to tell me that the life of a mariner was easy in his day. All he had to do was hang aroundRead More

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I speak my truth no matter where I go, and I encourage all to do the same. Love, Live, the Truth. Peace.

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My Marine Training

Marine Career

My father used to tell me that the life of a mariner was easy in his day. All he had to do was hang around the marina until someone needed a hand and once aboard he was part of the crew. “They trained you on the job” he used to say but things have changed a lot since his days onboard a ship.

I remember the first time I hinted at going to a Marine College to get my certification. He couldn’t believe I was going to spend time in a classroom learning what he thought I’d be able to pick up on my own working with a skipper and a crew. I tried to tell him that things had changed in the industry since his days out on the open seas.

“How are you going to keep your job on your vessel when you’re off to school?” he asked and at first I wasn’t really sure how I was going to juggle both. That pretty much had me worried until I found out more about the Marine College I wanted to attend.

ECA Maritime College tailored the course schedule to fit around my work allowing me to keep my day job while I worked on upgrading my skills and training. It sounded like a heavy workload at first but I found out they were extremely flexible and made sure I didn’t miss any time onboard while studying at home and in the classroom. That took off a lot of pressure and allowed me to relax about how much extra time it was going to take to keep working, upgrade my skills and maintain a household as well as find time for my family.

ECA Maritime College found just the right fit for me and they will be able to do the same for you. Their interview process determined exactly how my training program was going to be designed to allow me to keep living and working without interruption.

Maybe if there was such a marine college when my dad started hanging around the docks, he could have become a much better sailor!